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From the best online Canadian weed shop, you can get anything you could ever think of. As long as it’s cannabis in one of its forms, we have it. You name it – chocolates, cookies, gummies, THC and CBD-dominant strains, and cannabis concentrates. We deliver products all over Canada, regardless of the distance.

As long as you’re over 19 years old, you’re eligible to create an account on our website and order medicinal cannabis. For orders larger than $99, you get free shipment. Become one of our members, and you’ll get discounts from time to time, depending on your purchases.

Most of our clients have become permanent members who have continued buying our products because of their high quality. In this sense, we perform tests on everything we sell to check for quality and structural integrity. The purity of the cannabis extracts is also an essential factor we check for.

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Different types of Concentrates

Our cannabis concentrates are of the highest quality that our providers can achieve. If you’re ready for a more potent experience with cannabis, then shatter is what you’re looking for. That’s the first type of concentrate we sell on our website. It contains up to 90% cannabinoid compounds (THC and CBD), so you need to be extra careful of the quantity you consume.

Even the slightest bit can send your body into a state of extreme euphoria and alter your consciousness. When it comes to cannabis, shatter is the tip of the spear, the very apex of intoxication with weed. Coming in second place is the resin form of cannabis. It has a mellow texture similar to that of aged honey, and yellow colour.

Resin has more potential than shatter when it comes to ingestion methods. You can combine it with the morning bowl of cereals or consume it with a drink. Either way, you’re in for an intense state of high if the resin is rich in THC.

The cannabis oil is a concentrated form of CBD or THC, depending on the specific cannabis plant that the oil was extracted from. THC-dominant strains will result in THC oils, and the same goes for CBD oils. These oils have a powerful therapeutic potential and multiple health benefits.

The wax and hash forms of cannabis are extremely potent as well. They each contain up to 80-90% in THC compounds, which makes these concentrates very intoxicating. You can use a bong or a smoking pipe to consume them. Vaping is also a popular smoking tool people use to consume cannabis.


Among our cannabis concentrates, oils are some of the most popular and efficient ways of consuming marijuana. Our members have shown a great interest in concentrated cannabis oil, especially those rich in THC.

The THC-dominant cannabis oils will make you higher than you’ve ever been with only a few drops in your morning coffee. They aren’t called concentrates for nothing, after all. They’ll provide you with the necessary energy and euphoria to keep you alive throughout the day.

As for the CBD-dominant oils, they will help you relax and become comfortable in your own body. Their effects are much more tranquil and soothing than the THC ones, simply because CBD doesn’t intoxicate you at all. Without getting high, your body will respond positively to the influence of CBD on several neurotransmitters in your body.

One or two drops from a high-level THC oil should get you up and running for a few hours. Don’t try to consume more than 1-2 drops unless you’re completely sure you can endure it. THC-dominant oils are very potent and intense, and they’ll alter your perception and state of consciousness very easily.


The shatter concentrate is a very versatile form of cannabis because you can consume in several ways. You can smoke it with a bong, dab it, put some in meals or even drinks, or eat it piece by piece. The high THC content will give you the required energy and euphoria to last you for a few hours.

Buy shatter from the best online weed shop in Canada – the quality is top-notch, and the purity of the cannabis extracts will make you crave for more. Once you taste a piece, you won’t be able to stop. The THC will fill your body with undying energy and more enthusiasm than you can handle. This state of happiness and euphoria is the reason why people consume cannabis shatter.

Shatter is usually very useful for people suffering from various illnesses that manifest in strong pains. For instance, back pains are greatly relieved by using a stronger form of THC shatter. CBD shatter calms the mind and relaxes the body, giving a push to one’s creative potential. Whenever you want to relax your mind and become more creative, you just put a scrap of shatter in your drink, and enjoy the after-effects. It’ll take a few moments before it comes into effect but the perks are long-lasting.


The category of cannabis concentrates wouldn’t be complete without the wax products. These pure and high-quality forms of cannabis are similar to the shatter in that they generally possess high levels of THC. However, there are also strains which contain CBD contents in excess, overwhelming the THC contents.

Evidently, the levels of THC:CBD depend on the type of the cannabis plant that the wax was made from. Pure indica strains focus entirely on the sedation effect of CBD, for instance. It will first send you running for the fridge, hungrier than ever. Then, you’ll suddenly feel sleepy and hit the bed instantly. The calming and soothing effects are long-lasting, even helping you deal with insomniac bouts.

Other strains are extremely rich in THC, which makes them the ideal cannabis products for adrenaline seekers. These strains of wax have elevated levels of THC, which will greatly stimulate your mind in an intense and intoxicating manner. You will become high, of that there is no doubt. Moreover, you will feel the impact of the THC hit your body harder than ever.

Regarding the THC and CBD-dominant wax products, they’re a favorite of marijuana enthusiasts. As far as edibles go, wax is among the products with a lot of potential and versatility. It’s not only very potent and intense but it can also be consumed in various ways. For instance, you could smoke it with a bong or vape it. Alternatively, eating it raw is also an option.


Hashish, hash for short, has quite a rich history behind it. The word “hashish” means “grass” in Arabic, and it goes back to 900 A.D. In the northern parts of India, hash was used in religious rituals and as a healing remedy. Only in the 19th century did hash reach the Western world and gained a rising popularity.

The 20th century saw the rise of hash to the status of cannabis concentrate, and its acceptance as a recreational and medicinal form of cannabis.

The cannabis community loves CBD-dominant hash because of its sedative and ethereal effects. It’s perfect for treating depression and anxiety. The THC-dominant hash products, on the other hand, lead to very uplifting after-effects, and a state of euphoria that won’t go away too soon. Being historically proven to have medicinal benefits for many illnesses, the hash of today has an excellent reputation.


Resin, the honey-like substance that contains so much cannabis you’ll love it from your first experience with it. Resin has become a staple cannabis product because of how easy it is to consume. Moreover, it’s a very versatile product – you can pour it into a cup of tea, combine it with a salad or eat it with a fruit. A fruit salad with cannabis resin to give you that extras oomph of energy is just what you need!

The most powerful types of resin on the market are the hybrids that contain parts of sativa (THC), and parts of indica (CBD). With emphasis on the THC content, these resins are incredibly potent marijuana products that few things can compare with. CBD-dominant strains, on the other hand, lead to vastly different effects – they don’t get you high mainly. As for the therapeutic effects, CBD resins are among the best cannabis products out there.

CBD resins with 80% indica and 20% sativa – they have a sweet aroma and they will put you into a highly introspective and contemplative state. Your body will feel the hit after a few minutes when the sativa properties will make you feel euphoric and energetic. A resin rich in CBD with small bits of THC included in is perfect for treating depression, anxiety, dizziness, and most chronic pains. Moreover, it will help you achieve success with your creative endeavours.

Eating vs. Smoking THC: Difference in effects

There is a reason why some people prefer eating cannabis over smoking it. It’s not just about the method of consumption and the health risks associated with smoking. When you’re smoking THC-dominant cannabis strains, a large number of cannabinoids enter your organism.

After a few minutes, you’ll start feeling the effects of the THC taking over you. It’ll start with a surge of energy to your body, and then the euphoria appears. It’s a feeling unlike any other, and the more THC contained within the plant, the more potent its intoxicating effects. You can use a bong, a vape or a smoking pipe to consume cannabis, and the effects are entirely similar.

When you eat THC in the form of concentrates or edibles, your body metabolizes the THC at different rates. This is because most of the cannabinoids will go straight to your liver, the organ that deals with the metabolic process across your body. The effects will take some time to appear but when they do, you’ll wish they lasted forever.

Moreover, when eating THC, the intoxicating effects will last longer compared to when you were smoking it. You’ll stay high for longer periods, which can only be a good thing. The pain-alleviating effects will also be prolonged accordingly.

Sativa vs. Indica: Difference in effects

The potency of the strains revolves around the THC and CBD contents though, not their visual aspects. When it comes to THC and CBD, sativas and indicas can possess abnormalities – sativas with more CBD, and indicas with more THC.

However, it is a fact that indicas generally have higher levels of CBD, which is associated with the sedative effects it has. Sativas, on the other hand, have more THC, which leads to euphoria and intense energetic states. That’s what we mean by having 80% sativa and 20% indica – that it has higher THC contents than CBD contents.

Therefore, if you’re looking for a more potent cannabis plant, look for those with an overwhelming sativa percentage. Alternatively, for a more therapeutic and healing experience, with the least chances of getting high, search for indica strains.

With cannabis hybrid strains, you get a much more versatile experience because you can identify the precise sativa/indica balance that suits you best. If you have low intoxication tolerance opt for an indica-dominant strain. Otherwise, if you’re a veteran and passionate cannabis consumer, sativa strains are your best choice.